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What makes a mead a Beacon mead?

What is mead?

Mead is wine made from honey - simple as that. It can be sweet or dry, still or sparkling, fruited or unfruited, spiced or unspiced, low or high in alcohol...the possibilities are close to endless. This is clear to anyone who has seen the offerings from even just a handful of meaderies, which run the gamut from dry, low alcohol sparkling meads to still, unctuous dessert wines approaching 18% alcohol. If you start with honey and ferment it, it’s mead!

At Beacon Meadery, our meads tend to be still (i.e., no carbonation), with an alcohol content in the range of 12-16%. Most of them have some residual sugar - though that doesn’t always mean they’re sweet!

Mead history

You will often see references to mead being the oldest beverage in the world, or more specifically to Viking iconography, but the reality is that there is documentation from a number of ancient cultures that mead was enjoyed throughout Europe, Asia and north Africa. The prevailing theory is that mead history dates back to hunter-gatherer societies, and that the first meads were created very simply, by placing honey comb into water skins. The simple dilution would allow honey to begin to ferment via yeast naturally occurring in honey, which in comb is typically too inhospitable for fermentation, into a mildly alcoholic beverage. While this is something a person can attempt at home today, modern mead making typically employs a little science to ensure that you end up with something extra delicious.


Sourced from mother nature.

Our process at Beacon starts with selecting mead ingredients, honey and fruit that are both high quality and complement each other to create a pleasing whole. Extensive test batching ensure that our fruit, honey, and yeast work well together to create a final product that is representative of our best effort. It is only after many months of testing and refining our recipes, using the same raw materials that will be used in the final product, that they are ready to be produced at scale.

Made in small batches

Because quality comes first.

Our meadmaking philosophy is simple: take high quality ingredients and combine them thoughtfully to create balanced beverages that showcase the fruit and honey at their best. Much like a chef, our job is to take great mead ingredients and combine them so that the whole is the greater than the sum of its parts. We do so using as light a touch during the process as we possibly can, so that the fruit and honey are allowed to express themselves best with the least intervention.

Find the perfect mead.

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