In an era where your local grocery or liquor store carries a myriad of craft beverages from down the street and around the world, you may have noticed that the available selection of mead is paltry. In many places across the country, it can be extremely difficult to find any mead at all. The lack of easily available mead - particularly balanced, well-crafted mead - is one of the problems we are trying to address here at Beacon Meadery.

Through our partnership with Vinoshipper, Beacon Meadery has one of the widest Direct-to-Consumer shipping networks in the United States of any craft meadery. We can ship direct to your door in over 40 states, and we are still in the process of adding more states. One of the most exciting things about mead is the wide variety of styles and types of mead on the market. There is a lot of great mead around the country, and we think it’s important for you to have the opportunity to try them all!

Why is it hard to find mead?

There are a few reasons its difficult to find mead.

  • Size. Most meaderies are small, they simply don’t have the production capacity to be on shelves across the country just yet. The mead market, though growing rapidly, is still very small and doesn’t have the advantage of scale that the larger wine and beer producers do! 

  • Demand. With the continued growth of the market, there is a large demand for mead.

  • Infrastructure. Inconsistent and antiquated federal and state alcohol laws make transport mead across state lines very challenging and expensive

With our backgrounds in distribution and logistics, we’ve built Beacon Meadery to provide a fast and efficient experience from hive to bottle to your glass. Not only do our products taste great, but our meads can also be easily obtained by buying mead directly as well as in retail stores and restaurants/bars

As promised, here’s the best way to buy mead in 2019:

Where to Buy Mead Locally

Always start in your backyard. As mentioned above, most meaderies sell from their physical location or tasting room. If you live near a meadery, this is a great way to buy mead. It always gives you a chance to interact with meadery staff and perhaps taste a few meads or get a tour.

Thankfully, due to hard work by the mead community, there are a few resources to find local meaderies. To find out if you live near a meadery, visit Got Mead and search by your location. As of this writing, there are 504 meaderies listed in the United States. Chances are you aren’t far from at least one! Alternatively, RateBeer also has a directory of meaderies. With these resources, you’ll be sure to know if there's a “meadery near me.”

Of course, be sure to check your local wine or alcohol retailer to see what’s on the shelf and even inquire with the staff to request specific meads. They may be able to order some especially for you!

Where to Buy Mead Online

Once you’ve visited a local meadery and tried mead (and obviously loved it!), you may want to expand your horizon to see what other types of mead are out there. Here are our go-to websites for buying mead online. 

  • - Vinoshipper is a website that assists many meaderies in selling their meads online. There are over 100+ meaderies listed, but the ability to ship to you varies ship-to-state.

  • Total Wine - a wine superstore present in several states. They usually a handful of meads, depending on your location, remember those regulations make it tricky to ship!

Online Mead Enthusiasts Forums and Social Media

One of the best ways to seek out where to buy mead and learn more about mead is by following and interacting with other mead enthusiasts. The mead community is lively and willing to share with other mead drinkers. Search for #mead on your favorite platform to start exploring.

You can certainly use Facebook’s group search to find a number of mead-related groups.  Here are just a few that have a large following of avid enthusiasts:

American Mead Makers Association (Public) (AMMA)

Modern Mead Makers



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