Mattituck, NY - The North Fork’s first commercial meadery launched this summer. Mead - wine produced from honey - continues its resurgence and enjoys growth in a small but vibrant segment of the craft beverage market. Designed for the discerning craft beverage enthusiast and wine lover, Beacon’s offerings are well-balanced, complex, and delectably delicious, no matter what the occasion. 

Produced among the traditional wineries that call the North Fork home, Beacon’s Raspberry Mead is made from whole Chilean and Mexican Raspberries and high-quality Wildflower Honey using traditional winemaking techniques. Beacon Meads are free from concentrates and artificial flavorings. Ancient in origin, Mead is gluten-free and Beacon’s meads contain extremely low sulfite levels. Raspberry Mead will initially be distributed throughout NY and direct to consumer.  Raspberry Mead can be enjoyed slightly chilled, incorporated into cocktail, or added to club soda to be a spritzer.

“Everything in the process is traditional, but we guide it a bit by knowing how the science works.” - Adi Zaltsman, PhD, Technology & Innovation 

“We use the best ingredients we can find and don’t use anything artificial.  Our mead is as natural as can be while still making our products available to consumers across the country.”- Justin Feldstein, Digital & Marketing

“Our goal is to make mead that is both satisfying and approachable.” - Chris Parles, Meadmaker

Beacon Meadery Emblem
Beacon Meadery Emblem

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