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Why Mead?

Our take on mead stems from our background: the two of us grew up exposed to great wine. Our fathers were both members of a wine tasting group, and our sense of what a great beverage can and should be was formed almost entirely from the exposure we both received at a young age to classic European wine styles.

While mead is most definitely not mistakable for grape wine, our aim in crafting our offerings is to emulate the sense of proportion, elegance, and structure found in the world's great wines - really, in the world's great beverages generally. At the end of the day, though, the most important test is drinkability, and it is our hope that each sip of one of our meads makes you want to take another.

- Chris & Justin

Great ingredients make great mead.

We select our and honey and fruit for quality and compatibility

Choosing the best raw materials we can get our hands on is only the first step in the process that starts in the field and ends in your glass. We perform extensive test-batching to ensure that the honey and fruit we've chosen play well together, and that what gets into the bottle - and your glass - is always our best effort.

Our Team

  • Chris Parles Chris Parles Meadmaking & Operations

    I grew up in a house where food and wine were treated as two sides of the same coin, a part of everyday life - as in Europe. It is this exposure that lead to my interest in great beverages and, ultimately, mead. Sharing a glass of mead with some food and great conversation is what it is all about, and it is knowing that others are deriving pleasure from our offerings that most excites me.

    Other than mead, I spend a lot of time listening to classical music and opera and watching old films.

  • 40936032 10212730483489519 6898068367614148608 o.jpg Justin Feldstein Digital & Marketing

    Food and wine has always been a passion of mine, so the ability to bring my professional and personal interests together makes Beacon Meadery an exciting opportunity. To me, it’s about conversations created with our products among old and new friends alike. We do this by delivering delicious and interesting products to our customers with high-quality and value. I see my role as helping to create these experiences, presenting our products in the best way possible and sharing our story.
    I was born into a family business and honed my entrepreneurial spirit early on. Just like meadmaking, the journey of a new business is always exciting and the final destination is not always known. I’m focused on all things digital at Beacon Meadery and assist Chris and the team with product development and operations.

We deliver.

Get the best mead delivered to your door step.

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