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Inspired by the spirit and aesthetic of the grape winemaking tradition, Beacon Meadery strives to create balanced, elegant meads (honey wine) from high quality honey and real fruit.

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Great ingredients. Great mead.

Great food and drink always starts with great ingredients, mead is no exception. For us this means real honey and real fruit, never juice or concentrate. After sourcing the best raw material we can find, we then make mead much like the best winemakers: by getting out of the way. Extensive test-batching allows us to ensure we are getting the most from our ingredients and that what makes it into your glass is our absolute best effort. Buy mead with confidence.

Absolutely wonderful! It was my first time trying mead and loved it! Will definitely be buying more to keep on hand for entertaining!🍷❤️🍷❤️🍷
Ann Dugourd
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Lighthouse Keepers guided ships at sea. Bee Keepers care for bees in the field. Beacon Keepers help us make great mead!

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